The Shield

The Shield
The ShieldConceptsThe Shield
FactionClass Other
DescriptionA statue of "The Shield." Encircling the Soul of the Beauty, the Spear and Shield are interdependent, and the Shield stands for the determination to defend the living.



The Shield

Level 80
Class ATKClass DEFClass HPClass SPDToughnessClass Effect Hit RateClass Effect RESMin RESClass CRIT DMGFirst Turn Delay
WeaknessStatus Effect Defense
 Status Effect Defense0%
Combat Damage DefenseDebuff Defense
 Speed Reduction0%
 Wind Shear0%

Phase #1

Diadem of the StaleDiadem of the Stale - Ability | Defense
Energy Regeneration :
Applies a Shield to this unit. The Shield effect increases when under the Soulfreed state.

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