Relic Set

Relic Set

ConceptsSet Effect
Passerby of Wandering Cloud
Passerby of Wandering Cloud2-Pc: Increases Outgoing Healing by 10%.
4-Pc: At the start of the battle, immediately regenerates 1 Skill Point.
Musketeer of Wild Wheat
Musketeer of Wild Wheat2-Pc: ATK increases by 12%.
4-Pc: The wearer's SPD increases by 6% and Basic ATK DMG increases by 10%.
Knight of Purity Palace
Knight of Purity Palace2-Pc: Increases DEF by 15%.
4-Pc: Increases the max DMG that can be absorbed by the Shield created by the wearer by 20%.
Hunter of Glacial Forest
Hunter of Glacial Forest2-Pc: Increases Ice DMG by 10%.
4-Pc: After the wearer uses their Ultimate, their CRIT DMG increases by 25% for 2 turn(s).
Champion of Streetwise Boxing
Champion of Streetwise Boxing2-Pc: Increases Physical DMG by 10%.
4-Pc: After the wearer attacks or is hit, their ATK increases by 5% for the rest of the battle. This effect can stack up to 5 time(s).
Guard of Wuthering Snow
Guard of Wuthering Snow2-Pc: Reduces DMG taken by 8%.
4-Pc: At the beginning of the turn, if the wearer's HP is equal to or less than 50%, restores HP equal to 8% of their Max HP and regenerates 5 Energy.
Firesmith of Lava-Forging
Firesmith of Lava-Forging2-Pc: Increases Fire DMG by 10%.
4-Pc: Increases the wearer's Skill DMG by 12%. After unleashing Ultimate, increases the wearer's Fire DMG by 12% for the next attack.
Genius of Brilliant Stars
Genius of Brilliant Stars2-Pc: Increases Quantum DMG by 10%.
4-Pc: When the wearer deals DMG to the target enemy, ignores 10% DEF. If the target enemy has Quantum Weakness, the wearer additionally ignores 10% DEF.
Band of Sizzling Thunder
Band of Sizzling Thunder2-Pc: Increases Lightning DMG by 10%.
4-Pc: When the wearer uses their Skill, increases the wearer's ATK by 20% for 1 turn(s).
Eagle of Twilight Line
Eagle of Twilight Line2-Pc: Increases Wind DMG by 10%.
4-Pc: After the wearer uses their Ultimate, their action is Advanced Forward by 25%.
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