Nourishing Honey

Nourishing Honey
Nourishing HoneyConceptsNourishing Honey
TypeSkill Upgrade Materials, Traces Leveling Material
SourceCalyx (Fyxestroll Garden)
Calyx (Fyxestroll Garden)
Omni-Synthesizer — Material Synthesis
Embers Exchange
Omni-Synthesizer — Material Exchange
DescriptionThe nectar brewed from the juice of flowers growing on the heart tree in the sacred Vonwacq forest. A honey that can accelerate the growth of life. Used to level up Traces moderately for Abundance characters.
StoryWhen the Devil emerges from the fertile soil, it is only a round fruit with a stalk as long as a human's forearm. For some reason, it has to defeat its siblings before it has the right to drink nectar and grow into shape.

"You can drink the sap of any tree in this forest, except that one."


ConceptsRarityPathCombat Typesn/a
Raging Heart
Dream Making Engine
Myriad Fruit
Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster
Tracks of Destiny
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