“All or Nothing”

Concepts"All or Nothing"
FactionClass Other
DescriptionA game die metamorphosed from the "Aventurine of Stratagems," which shall decide the gamblers' destiny in the Gamble.



"All or Nothing"

Level 80
Class ATKClass DEFClass HPClass SPDToughnessClass Effect Hit RateClass Effect RESMin RESClass CRIT DMGFirst Turn Delay
WeaknessStatus Effect Defense
 Status Effect Defense0%
Combat Damage DefenseDebuff Defense
 Speed Reduction0%
 Wind Shear0%

Phase #1

Fickle FortuneFickle Fortune - Talent | Talent
Energy Regeneration :
HP cannot be reduced to lower than 1. When this unit is attacked by a target that has entered the Gamble, the target will receive a random number between 1 and 6. When HP is reduced to 1, gains the Influx of Fortuity effect. While under the Influx of Fortuity effect, this unit is guaranteed to receive the number 6 and uses Punishment of Defeat when the Gamble ends.
Punishment of DefeatPunishment of Defeat - Talent | Talent
Energy Regeneration :
Self-destructs, dealing Imaginary DMG to Aventurine of Stratagems.

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