Dragon Scale Coral

Dragon Scale Coral
Dragon Scale CoralConceptsDragon Scale Coral
SourceLingling's Medicine Stand
DescriptionTier 3 Synthesis Material
StoryAt the bottom of Lunarescent Depths, there is a diverse array of nearly a hundred coral species, among which dragon scale coral holds the greatest value. Within the coral skeleton of dragon scale coral, there is a rich concentration of Heavenly East compound. This compound serves as the finest antibiotic in the cosmos and possesses numerous other medicinal properties. Despite almost ten thousand years of efforts, humans have yet to learn how to industrially produce this compound.
In front of the entrance to the Fanghu's Alchemy Commission stands a statue of dragon scale coral. Underneath it, there is an inscription that reads:

"When you mistakenly believe you can control nature, always remember: Nature is the ultimate biochemist."

Enemy Creatures

Howling Casket
Howling CasketElite Enemy
Dragon Scale Coral
Tear Crystal of Glorious Death
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